OpenMedNet is an online community for patients, doctors and researchers to share and accelerate medical research and help deliver the highest quality patient care. It features the latest in Web and mobile technology; can be tied to home monitoring devices. New features will be added regularly.

The OpenMedNet is a service of the Open Medicine Institute and includes a longitudinal clinical data registry and repository, de-identified research database and a clinical biobank. OpenMedNet is enabling a new era in medicine today.

Patients can share data, biological samples or both. Patients control their data - they can be as restrictive or open as they wish. Online tools allow patients to manage medications, set reminders, track disease parameters, review labs, summarize their status to their providers (and researchers) as well as additional functions.

OpenMedNet is free to patients. Providers and researchers can also join OMN and can apply for authentication and membership - free and sponsored memberships are available.

We are currently in the registry process. General tools will be available to all users in late June.

The OMN Oversight Board consists of an independent board of physicians, research, community and patient leaders who guide the use and ethical issues at OMN. OMN will never share data without your consent. It is against the OMI and OMF mission to sell your private data (we just won't do it).

Key disease areas for OpenMedNet are: ME/CFS, MS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatologic disease, immune dysfunction. We take all newcomers because our interests are broadening rapidly and our Institute continues to expand. We always welcome "normal" healthy subjects to be used as controls to establish a "healthy" baseline for patient.

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